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Fresh Juices Recipe

Green Juice for Health

A daily juicing routine takes a bit of a commitment — I won’t lie. And if I’m being truly honest here? There are occasional days where I am too busy or too lazy and don’t feel like being bothered with it. That said, I always, inevitably, return to the juice.

Green juice quickly becomes something your body craves and, in my experience, legitimately uses to boost your immunity. Case in point: if I feel even the slightest hint of a sore throat or cold coming on, I increase my green juice intake and ramp up the lemon and ginger content. One good night’s sleep later and I am right as rain. In fact, this winter was the first of my entire adulthood during which I wasn’t dealing with some mild form of plague and off work sick for at least a week or two.*

Green Juice
Photograph by Breville (CC)

A good juicer can be expensive and it is kind of a pain to clean, however, the benefits that come with drinking fresh green juice on a daily basis are certainly more than worth it. Sam and I are so into our smoothie and juicing routines that we have even begun taking both our blender and juicer with us when travelling.

*In addition to drinking green juice, I take nutritional supplements twice daily and follow the health advice provided by my naturopath and family physician.

Daily Green Juice


  • 1 whole English cucumber, with peel
  • 2 stalks of celery
  • 3 leaves of kale, with stalks
  • 1/2 thumb-sized piece of fresh ginger root**
  • 3 leaves of kale, with stalks
  • 1 small lemon, with peel
  • 2-3 apples, any type, with peel
  • 2 stalks of celery

**Thumb-sized: the length of your thumb from the joint to the tip, approximately 1 inch by 1.5 inches.

DIRECTIONS: Wash all ingredients thoroughly and cut into smaller pieces. Push ingredients, one at time, through juicer chute in the order listed above. Makes 2 to 3 servings. Can refrigerate leftover juice in a sealed glass jar, but should be consumed within 24 hours. Best served fresh.

NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION: Click here for the breakdown and more information about phytonutrients. Click here to view disclaimer.


    Kitchen Notes
  • The ginger packs a bit of heat; the apples balance out the kale and lemon nicely.
  • Once you figure out how to assemble, disassembly and clean the juicer, it’s pretty easy.
  • A good quality juicer is vital to getting all the liquid out of your produce and leaving behind a dryer pulp. (Do your research and get the best one you can afford. We went with Breville for all of our kitchen appliances, including our juicer and our blender.)
  • Suggestion: Wrap each piece of lemon in a kale leaf before sending it down the juicer’s chute to prevent high-powered splash-back.
  • Source: Based on a recipe called the “Mean Green” by Joe Cross from Reboot with Joe


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  2. I get many people asking me what is the best juicer they should buy. In reality there isn’t one best juicer that fits everyone’s needs. There are many factors including budget and what types of produce you’ll be juicing most often.

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