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TDW Favourites: Pukka

Pukka teas

Where do I even begin? Pukka (pronounced “puck-ah”) has turned into a new obsession of mine quite literally overnight! I’ve heard the name bandied about on the interwebs in British blogs and vlogs, but was never entirely sure if I should “believe the hype.” Let me just state for the record that not only is Pukka’s herbal tea incredible tasting, but their packaging designs are inspired and their Bristol-based company is just the kind I like to support.

A few items of note about Pukka:

  • All ingredients used are organic and ethically sourced
  • Only medicinal-grade herbs are included their products
  • Pukka aspires to Fair Trade, Fair Wild and Fair Wind certified practices whenever possible
  • In the UK they use green energy and are a “zero landfill” company
  • Their business practices are driven by, and center around, the holistic principles of Ayurveda
  • As of February this year, Pukka became a carbon neutral company
  • At the end of April, the two co-founders were given an outstanding achievement award at the Natural and Organic Products Awards

For an amazing visual experience, a wealth of information, and an introduction to Pukka’s full range of products, visit their website by clicking here. If you’d like to hear what’s at the heart of their company, watch the following talk co-founder Tim Westwell gave at a launch filmed in Bangalore, India last summer.

This short interview with Sebastian Pole (Pukka’s other co-founder) about the role herbal tea can play in the promotion of good health, is also worth seeing.

Brew yourself some Pukka and experience the pleasure of a truly engaging cuppa!


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The 411

First Impression:  Noticed the gorgeous packaging, picked up the box and then read the label — so this was Pukka! Could smell the tea through the cardboard (no plastics, yay!) and instantly wanted to try some.

In Three Words:  Responsible. Healthy. Addictive.

Cost:  $4.99 to $10 (Canadian), depending on where you order/purchase it from.

Best Feature:  Difficult to choose just one feature, but their company’s conscientious mandate is certainly in the running.

Excited About:  Finding four different kinds of Pukka at Winners and Home Sense for half price!

Something Unexpected:  Tim Westwell began the lifestyle change that birthed Pukka Herbs to avoid a life-long reliance on painkillers and anti-inflammatories, due to rheumatoid arthritis. (Totally mirrors the decision I made to treat my osteoarthritis with nutrition and natural, non-pharma solutions. Exciting!)

Value for Money:  20 sachets per box, individually wrapped. Would gladly pay full price for any of the Pukka teas we’ve tried. Even willing to pay for shipping — it’s that good!

Source: Pukka Herbs

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    1. Hey there Harrisow!

      Great to hear! We’re still chewing over what to do about our “look” for mobiles (cell phones)… It’s not as smooth as on PCs… and apparently iPads! The debate (cost versus function) continues at TDW headquarters! Lol.

    1. Hiya Rach!

      Fact: I started drinking herbal tea because of you!
      But yes, they do have distributors in Canada according to the Pukka Herbs website. I found our stash at a discount chain that I’m not sure you guys have in your corner of the country (Winners and HomeSense)…? I would think some of the larger health food stores might carry this brand though? I’ll let you know if I can locate specifics.

      Edit: Some of their “best sellers” are carried through Whole Foods.

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