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TDW Favourites: Maple Water

Maple WaterMy prediction? This will totally become the “new” coconut water! All week, I have been introducing people to the joy that is pure organic Maple sap. It’s kind of interesting that everyone I’ve talked to knows what Maple syrup is made from, yet none of them have ever had the pleasure of drinking the unadulterated tree sap straight from the source!

Tapping Maple trees is the first step in making Maple syrup. A metal tap is inserted into the tree trunk, which allows the sap to easily drip into a collection bucket, also attached to the tree. This is primarily done in spring, when they say the sap is “running.” In other words, Maple Water is this tree sap, prior to the boiling down process which would eventually turn it into syrup.

Growing up in northern Ontario, my brother and I had the opportunity to visit several Sugar Shacks, where the sap is collected and syrup is made. Not only was it always a nice day out in the still-snowy forest, complete with Maple candy, pancakes and sometimes horses (used to help pull the sap barrels in from the bush on a sledge) — but it was also a rare opportunity to enjoy my favourite treat: the cold, freshly collected sap, drunk directly from the ladle.

Pure Maple Water: it’s natural, organic, vegan, and gluten-free.


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First Impression:  As good as I remembered it being and still a favourite.

In Three Words:  Refreshing. Natural. Delicate.

Cost:  $4.49 (Canadian) for 1L + taxes.

Best Feature:  Only 20 calories and 5g of (natural) sugar per 250 mL serving.

Excited About:  Introducing more people to this unusual, new-to-them beverage!

Something Unexpected:  All the childhood memories drinking this Maple Water brought back.

Value for Money:  Comparable to (and actually a bit cheaper than) most coconut waters. Provides a nice alternative when you want something with a slight sweetness, rather than a slight saltiness.

Sources:  After a cursory search of the usual natural and health food stores, so far, I have only been able to find Maple Water at Bulk Barn.

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    This is a really well written article. I’ll be sure to bookmark it and return to read more of your useful info.

    Thanks for the post. I will definitely return.

  2. Yum! I remember this and ” La Tire”. Still get to enjoy this when Festivale du Voyageur comes in February.

    Thanks for the reminder. I will have to check out Bulk Barn to see if they have some here.

    1. Hiya Rach!

      Good times, eh? It’s weird, but now that I’ve been practicing Clean Eating for over half a year, anytime I taste maple syrup, it’s the smokiness rather than the sweetness that becomes the primary flavour. I’m enjoying it so much more now! Tastes like winter. Yum!

      Let us know if you find the Maple Water. Looks like there are a few American brands, like Trader Joe’s, but not sure about others on our side of the border.

  3. I love it as well. Perhaps the next big thing after this will be Birch tree water, especially when I’ve read that Silver and Sugar Maples get stressed during long, dry winters.

    1. Hi Davey!

      Thanks for the tech support last night! And yeah, I agree that the Maples should be given a chance to rest and recuperate — I could totally see over-tapping becoming an issue. Have you seen Birch Water on the market? Is that even a thing yet?

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