Hot Apple Cider

It’s a dichotomous marriage of “set it and forget it” and “a little bit of work,” but the results are always phenomenal! Perfect for those days where you come in out of the cold craving something soothing and warm to drink. It’s also impressive enough for entertaining — plus it makes your home smell like the best kind of Yankee candle*!   Hot […]

Bean Salad

This tasty salad is a family favourite that Mom has been making year round for most of my life. It is perfect for a picnic or quiet dinner at home, but can easily be doubled or tripled for a large gathering — such as a pot luck dinner or buffet. This recipe is also relatively inexpensive to prepare and keeps for up to 10 […]

Pearnog Smoothie

While in the kitchen the other night, Sam pipes up with, “What’s eggnog?” Me: “What do you mean? You’ve NEVER had eggnog before?” Him: “No. What’s in it anyway?” Me: “Sugar, cream, nutmeg, and eggs. Sometimes people add rum or brandy to it.” Him: “Eggs? Like raw eggs?” Me: “Yes, like raw eggs.” Him: “So, you should […]

Day 25 of 25: Rest & Reflect

Welcome to the final day of 25 Days to a Healthier Holiday! Today is all about resting after the post-holiday rush — and doing some honest self-reflection in regards to how things went. Here are some prompts to help you get started: Did I avoid unnecessary snacking? Did I properly hydrate to avoid confused hunger […]

Day 24 of 25: Press Pause

I knew that somewhere along this blog series, what with the busy nature of the season, that we would likely need a day off. Today was that day! Sam and I rarely get a chance to sleep in, let alone run around and do as we please for a full 12 hours! It was nothing […]

Day 23 of 25: Get Out and About

Even if it’s crazy cold outside, staying indoors all holiday is not your best approach to health. Of course some downtime in front of the fire playing board games with the family or watching Christmas movies and documentaries is warranted, but don’t spend all day, every day, pursuing sedentary activities. You’ve likely heard that sitting on your […]

Day 22 of 25: Recognize Emotions for What They Are

I’m pretty miffed right now. In fact, I’m scribbling this post on my Samsung with a stylus, whist being driven over some of the bumpiest roads the GTA has to offer. (Hoping that my printing will be legible enough to transcribe later tonight!) Why I’m not in the best of moods isn’t all that important  — it will pass. […]

Day 21 of 25: Redefine Traditions

Until you’re confronted with a major change, you don’t generally analyse the “why” behind a lot of what we do as a human collective. I know I didn’t. However, afterwards? All you seem to do is compare and contrast what came before with what is happening now — hyper aware of the new reality in which you live. Sounds all […]

Day 20 of 25: Improve Digestion

Proper digestion is something we often neglect to think about, especially during the holidays! Dr. Lee is back with some simple tips on how to improve nutrient absorption, boost metabolism, and reduce weight through healthy digestion. He also does a great demonstration (with skulls!) which concretely explains, for once and for all, why properly chewing your food is so vital! Click here to watch more of […]

Day 19 of 25: Watch Documentaries

Since it’s the holiday season and many of us are finally able to indulge in some guilt-free screen time, why not learn a little while you’re at it? This is by no means a finite list of what’s available out there in terms of food and nutrition documentaries, however, these are some of the titles Sam and I have both […]