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25 Days to a Healthier Holiday Blog Series

Day 11 of 25: Plan and Prioritize

On his way home today Sam picked up some delicious Arabic food from our favourite local restaurant, as well as some hummus and pita for our Annual Holiday Open House tomorrow. I knew neither of us would have any energy left by dinner, but that we would need to eat something healthy, hot, and on time. This was all planned out well in advance, along with massive grocery lists which have all since been completed. There are clean-eating dishes to be made in the morning, but each of the menu items were chosen and recipes (which I will share soon) sourced weeks ago. Everything on a schedule, ticking boxes as we go.

Grocery cart filled with nutritious fruits and vegetables.

With a little planning and prioritizing, not only are Sam and I eating well tonight, but our party guests will be eating well tomorrow too. We have all the fixings for clean versions of homemade cider, desserts, punch, soups, dips, and yummy things on sticks. Even though Sam and I have both had long weeks and are ready to fall over, there is no way I was about to let our nutrition suffer just because we’re crazy busy!



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  1. I wish I could sleep! Something that has eluded me for years, since getting sick.
    I use to be organized but since brain surgery, I have lost that ability. I’m working on different plans though!

    1. I find I rely heavily on my white board to do lists and two day planners (one for work and one for home/life). I’d be lost without any one of them.

      And as far as sleep, Dr. Lee was able to get that on track for me too. Such a game-changer when you’re finally able to sleep through the night!

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