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25 Days to a Healthier Holiday Blog Series

Day 12 of 25: Get Inspired

Figuring out what to make for dinner is difficult at the best of times, but when you’ve chosen to eat healthy, it’s just that much more challenging. Add to that dietary restrictions (allergy-based or voluntary) plus a busy holiday schedule — and you’ve got yourself a daily dilemma.

What to Eat

Rather than spending time gazing into the refrigerator hoping for inspiration, jump on the interwebs and actively look for it! I’ve been relying heavily on sites such as Pinterest and The Domestic Geek for new recipes as of late. And, in my efforts to tweak some new/old favourites to accommodate Sam’s needs (he just went Paleo in October), I’ve discovered game changing tips like using mashed avocado to replace partial ingredients (e.g., cut the mayo content by up to a half) in anything that requires a creamy texture.

Staying inspired is such a vital component of any healthy eating lifestyle. While not all of the content in each of the sites below fits our exact needs, I always manage find things I can work with. Trying new recipes will definitely help keep you excited — and motivate you to become even more creative in the kitchen!

Here are some sites I’ve been checking out lately:



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    1. Ha! I know exactly what you mean, and that’s why I only go on it (Pinterest) when I am watching Netflix anyway. It creates a false sense of productivity that makes me feel 100% better about the time I’m wasting… plus I tell myself that I’m doing “research” for the blog — which is technically kinda’ true. Lol!

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