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25 Days to a Healthier Holiday Blog Series

Day 2 of 25: Host the Event

One of the best ways to have influence over your food and drink options at a holiday party is to host the event yourself! Case in point? Well, us! Below are front and back views of the invitation to our Annual Open House holiday event. (Personal information blanked-out, of course!)

As you can see, this year we kindly asked our guests to please accommodate our fellow clean eaters, as well as our vegetarian and vegan friends — without restricting what anyone (so generously!) wishes to bring and share.

Xmas Invitation FrontXmas Invitation Back

It’s amazing how many of our friends have already RSVP’d with potluck dishes which are free of gluten, sugar, dairy and/or meat! Honestly, all you have to do is ask! (That, and we know some pretty awesome people to begin with!)

Will there be ooey-gooey Christmas cookies and cupcakes with plenty of sugary icing and sprinkles? Absolutely! Will Sam or I be partaking of them? Nope! We’ll be hitting up the Pumpkin Mousse and the Oatmeal Almond Protein Bites instead. Will there be wine, beer, and cocktails? You betcha’, but I’ll be sipping on a few Nutty Russians throughout the evening and Sam will be hitting up the Hot Apple Cider.

Really, it’s all about providing yourself with healthy options and making good choices. By running the actual event, you’re in the best position to do both!



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    1. Ah, Rach… If only we lived closer to each other, rather than a province apart! We would totally be attending each other’s parties and doing all sorts of fun stuff. 🙂

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