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25 Days to a Healthier Holiday Blog Series

Day 24 of 25: Press Pause

I knew that somewhere along this blog series, what with the busy nature of the season, that we would likely need a day off. Today was that day! Sam and I rarely get a chance to sleep in, let alone run around and do as we please for a full 12 hours! It was nothing fancy, but it was totally fun and relaxing. It started off with a late lunch where Sam doodled birds on the paper tablecloth, followed by Bird Drawingsa leisurely wander around Square One (a huge shopping mall) with a couple of fresh green juices in hand. (We even purchased a lottery ticket and laughed about what we would do if we actually won!) Then we took in a holiday movie at our local cheapie theatre, and eventually made it back home for a late night fry up of eggs, chicken bacon, and potato wedges — with mixed fruit for dessert. The evening finally came to a festive close just after midnight, with the opening of a few special gifts.

We can all easily get swept up in the hustle and bustle of the season, as well as the errands, the visiting with friends and family, the late nights, and all the expectations (self-imposed and otherwise). Sometimes, in the middle of the vortex of “should” and “have to,” it’s healthy for us to unplug and forget our over-prescribed, super planned-out agenda for just one day — and simply see where the hours take us. Chances are we will wake up calmer and more refreshed the next day, ready to get back at it with renewed enthusiasm.

When we feel calm, well-rested and in control of our schedules, we are also more likely to make better choices in terms of what we eat and how we deal with others — two Square Oneevery day situations which can easily become overwhelming if holiday stress, lack of sleep, unresolved baggage, and unchecked emotions are allowed to run amok. Make sure to take a few moments each day to check-in with yourself and see where you’re at. Are you getting sufficient sleep and/or rest? Are you eating nutritious, well thought out meals and snacks?  Are you moving and/or exercising your body enough? Are you dealing with conflicts and/or differences of opinion appropriately?

Taking the time to monitor ourselves, and to recharge our batteries as needed, is the best gift we can give ourselves — particularly during the busy holiday season!



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  1. My day is today- Boxing Day! I refuse to get wrapped up in the consumerism, after just opening presents! I think that it is solely present withdrawal, that we must go out today to buy more crap. If people actually sit down and appreciate what they were given, then you may actually be happy. Plus, all the stuff they are buying will be cheaper in January. This is the time that I buy all my Christmas gifts for next year. Well, I’m off to lie in my bed with my magazines, and enjoy my kids skating on their backyard rink.

    1. Too true — gratitude for what we already have is so important! And as you say, it’s not like sales don’t come along at other times of the year, so it’s a great day to stay home and avoid the crowds. Love that you are getting some “me time” while the boys are out enjoying the fresh air!

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