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25 Days to a Healthier Holiday Blog Series

Day 25 of 25: Rest & Reflect

Welcome to the final day of 25 Days to a Healthier Holiday! Today is all about resting after the post-holiday rush — and doing some honest self-reflection in regards to how things went.

Here are some prompts to help you get started:

  • Did I avoid unnecessary snacking?
  • Did I properly hydrate to avoid confused hunger signals?
  • Did I actively look for new, healthier substitutions to old favourites?
  • Did I look for ways to take the stress off menu planning, such as healthy-option restaurants or potlucks?
  • Did I eat proper daily meals, including breakfast each morning?
  • Did I re-think the role my microwave plays in the kitchen and food preparation?
  • Did I talk to others about their healthy eating habits in order to gain new information, perspectives, and resources?
  • Did I re-evaluate how I structure goals/resolutions and seek support for their achievement?
  • Did I plan ahead for busy nights and prioritize good nutrition, despite a seemingly impossible schedule?
  • Did I give myself some wiggle-room throughout the busy holiday season with some healthy slow cooker meals?
  • Did I start using my freezer to advantage through batch cooking?
  • Did I look through books, blogs, videos or other online resources for inspiration and healthy, new recipes to try?
  • Did I find a strategy that helped me to avoid the “minefield” of holiday temptations, and could I use it again next year?
  • Did I find saying “no” to extra activities/obligations difficult — why or why not?
  • Did I find saying “no” to loved ones’ offers of holiday treats difficult — why or why not?
  • Did I participate in health-related discussions with an open, supportive mind-set?
  • Did I come across any healthy DIY gifts I would consider gifting someone next year?
  • Did I actively try to keep my food costs down over the holiday — without compromising on quality?
  • Did I take the time to watch a few documentaries about healthy eating?
  • Did I think about proper digestion and try to incorporate a few new habits to aid it?
  • Did I think about how to redefine/refocus family and holiday traditions to make them less about food and more about the people and/or events themselves?
  • Did I recognize my emotions for what they were and avoid using food as a crutch or as a bribe/reward?
  • Did I avoid sedentary activities and get out of the house often over the holidays?
  • Did I take a day out of the hustle and bustle to do simple, fun, relaxing things which recharge my batteries?


Looking back over the past 25 days, is there anything you would do differently, or are you pretty pleased with the quality of your conversations, choices, and actions? Did you learn anything new about yourself or healthy eating in the process?

As best said by Bob Proctor, “It doesn’t matter where you are, you are nowhere compared to where you can go.” Self-reflection is such a vital component of positive change — in fact, it’s probably one of your best tools. Never be afraid to continually question, evaluate, shift, and re-structure your current paradigm.

Best of luck on your personal journey towards improved health and a better life! Here’s to all the happy surprises and new possibilities awaiting us in 2016!

From our family to yours,
Jo, Sam & Julie



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