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25 Days to a Healthier Holiday Blog Series

Day 7 of 25: Seek Advice

One of the best ways to lead a healthier lifestyle, especially around the holidays, is to actively seek out the people who are living well all year round. Find out what they’re up to and how they manage to make it work for them. In essence — just ask!

One thing I’ve quickly learned over the past eleven months is that good health is not a selfish pursuit. Everyone I have approached for advice has been so completely lovely and more than willing to share everything they know, from favourite products to recipes, from exercise routines to clean-eating restaurants. Truly healthy people are giving people — and there is room for all of us at the proverbial table.

Without further ado, I am super excited to introduce our family naturopath, Dr. Jason Lee, N.D., who has graciously agreed to appear in this blog series! He is energetic, passionate, and funny — as you’ll soon see for yourself! Click here to watch more of his videos.

Below, Dr. Lee shares his twelve tips for a healthier holiday. Enjoy!




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    1. Dr. Lee is awesome! Honestly, we couldn’t ask for a more supportive and encouraging person in our corner! His other YouTube videos are also totally worth watching — he has such a great way of explaining things! Let me know how his tips work out for you! 🙂

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