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Renovation Report: August Edition

Here’s what I was working on throughout the month of August — in no particular order:

  1. The WordPress theme has been updated to optimize this site for viewing on smartphones and tablets, as well as on home computers and laptops. I have done multiple checks — it’s pretty responsive and looks great on all three platforms tested.
  2. A website logo has been created (a little white puffy cloud on the light blue background) to serve as the site’s URL icon.
  3. Some of the permalinks were updated, and some still need updating — but I believe everything is still functioning anyway. (Let me know in the comments if it’s not. Thanks!)
  4. Some old widgets were deleted, and some new ones were added.
  5. Finally fixed some issues with my visitor tracker.
  6. The fonts and site structure have been updated following migration to the new theme. The related customization work is about 90% complete.
  7. The old tags and categories index was deleted, and a new, simplified version was added.
  8. A new header was created to contain the following menu tabs: HOME, ABOUT, EAT, SIMPLIFY, CLEAN, ORGANIZE, DIY, and BLOG. Smartphone users can access the header through the green hamburger menu at the top right-hand side of the screen.
  9. Each header tab, with the exception of HOME, will now have its own drop-down sub menu with permalinks to related pages. I have already set up some of these pages, however, most currently read “Page currently under construction.”
  10. The Recipes We Love page no longer exists. All previously posted recipes have been re-formatted, re-indexed, and moved to a new page called Recipe Box, now found in the sub menu under the EAT tab. At this point, aside from the Disclaimers page under the ABOUT tab, this is the only page I can truly call “finished.” Go me!
  11. All archived entries (basically everything I’ve ever posted thus far) are still public and currently available for viewing through the Archives drop-down menu or Archived Posts calendar widget.
  12. And, finally — The Dichotomous Wife will no longer use the tag line “a marriage of opposites” as, in an effort to streamline and focus the purpose of this site, my husband’s gallery page (mine too, for that matter) and related content has been removed. We had originally planned to take TDW in a completely different direction — but our schedules…! (Life, right?) Anyway, after a year and a half of dabbling, we’ve conceded it’s never going to happen — so I’m taking over. The new tag line, while pretty self-explanatory, represents a fresh way of exploring the skills and know-how needed to run your own space more efficiently — whether it’s a rented room or three-story house. From college students to seasoned 4H veterans, there should be a little something for everyone. Just let me know in the comments if there’s ever a topic, question, or project you want me to tackle!





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