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Renovation Report: Mid-September Edition

October is almost upon us, and I’m happy to report everything’s just about ready to go! Here’s what’s been done to the site so far this month:

  1. The new About Tab is complete! Woohoo! Content has been added to About This Site and About TDW — plus both the Contact and Disclaimers pages have been updated. (The squirrel thing is 100% true.)
  2. You’ve probably noticed that all non-recipe and non-site renovation posts are no longer public. It took a little bit of tooling around, but I finally figured out how to mark the old entries as “private.” Nothing’s been deleted or anything — I just want to make sure that what can be seen is relevant and correct. As I add fresh content geared specifically to the site’s new direction, I will edit, update, and re-post anything from before that still fits.
  3. The formal tone needs to go. Seriously. We’re about to get way more conversational up in here. Pay attention kids: this is what happens to your voice/writing style when you spend way too much time in academia. You begin to lose, well, your “you-ness.” Sad, right? So, along with a change in direction, I’m also bringing “me” back too. The blog will be plenty bloggy, and the rest of it? Hopefully approachable, informative, and who knows, maybe even a wee bit entertaining.
  4. The new plan is to post more frequent, shorter posts on a regular schedule. (That whole schedule thing is still TBA, btw — but I’m honestly putting a lot of thought into what I can realistically commit to.)
  5. Once the “renovation” is complete, I will remove these update posts — since they’re literally just that: updates. They’re not content, and I don’t feel like they’ll be missed or anything.
  6. That said, any comments attached to an update will be moved to somewhere else to “preserve” them when I delete those pages. I love, love, love your comments and truly don’t want to offend anyone who was nice enough to say hello. In fact, I whole-heartedly encourage comments. They’re like word hugs. Really awesome word hugs. So thank you for that!

Going to leave it there for the moment. Running on a slight sleep deficit, so it’s off to bed early tonight. I lead a very, very adult life sometimes.


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