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Tip #5: Don’t Let Takeout Take Over

I often get asked if Sam and I ever eat out anymore or… *gasp* order in!?! We do…! In fact, we just did that very thing this weekend. Granted, it is more difficult to find healthy items, and they definitely won’t be organic, sugar-free, and completely unprocessed, but loosening the reins every-once-in-a-while is totally okay.

Last night, I had the following delivered from a well-known pizza chain for dinner: a side of mashed potatoes, a side of steamed vegetables, a large Mediterranean-style salad, a grilled chicken breast, a spinach salad, and a gluten-free crust pizza with four veggie toppings, with a scant amount of mozzarella cheese. While it wasn’t 100% what we would normally eat, notice how we did not order a large box of French fries, 2 sides of cheesy bread sticks, 6 cans of soda, and several gooey desserts?

Loosening the reins doesn’t mean letting go of them completely.


I’m not talking here about “treating” yourself every weekend either — let alone every night! Takeout, or eating out at all for that matter, should never be a lifestyle choice. Something more akin to once every few weeks (or longer) would be considered “reasonable.” (For the record, I have gone months at a time without even so much as touching restaurant food — so it is humanly possible.)

And when Sam and I do go out? We try to hit up places that feature a well-structured vegetarian/ vegan menu or, if we’re eating meat,  a “100 miles” menu where all the ingredients are at least locally sourced.


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