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Simplify Thought

Embracing Low-Choice

This may sound super obvious to some and a bit of a no-brainer to others, but if it’s simplicity you’re after – try engaging (what I like to call) your inner auto-pilot.

And, just so you know, world leaders and high-ranking executives actively practice this strategy on a daily basis. They deliberately structure their personal and professional lives in such a way as to avoid mental depletion (e.g., decision fatigue) or anything else which might make them less effective. Look it up — it’s pretty compelling stuff!


Embark on a full-out mission to rid yourself of all
unnecessary decision making.


Reserving your brain power for the most important, creative, and interesting stuff life has to offer is vital to avoiding feelings of overwhelm and the depressing sense that things kinda’ suck. It’s also key (in my experience) to leading an easier and happier existence.

And, not to get too formal or woo-woo here, but…

Consciously embracing a low-choice lifestyle not only cuts the extra “noise” and chaos from the day-to-day, but it also helps re-establish a (much-needed) sense of flow and continuity to life in general.

When things run smoothly, we feel lighter and more capable of dealing with the unexpected. I mean, can you imagine how awesome it would be to know what you own and where to find it? How about getting enough sleep each night and staying on-track throughout the day? Or knowing what’s for dinner tomorrow and what you’ll be wearing next Thursday morning? Just think about how much daily stress would be alleviated by that alone!

Embracing your inner auto-pilot isn’t about giving up control. In fact, it’s really quite the opposite. It means cultivating consistent habits in key areas of your life through simplifying, organizing — and yes, even cleaning — which guide your days and allow you the time, energy, and means to do whatever you are most passionate about.



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