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Green Veg and Fruit Smoothie

While doing a bit of filing and shredding this weekend in preparation for tax season, I ran across a not-yet-posted recipe created in our kitchen LAST SUMMER.

Pretty sad, right?

Let’s use this as the perfect excuse to make a delicious smoothie, put on a playlist of upbeat tunes, and go tackle some more Spring Cleaning!



2 cups fresh greens, packed (spinach or kale would work best)

1/2 cup unsweetened organic applesauce

1 + 1/2 cups filtered water

1/2 cup frozen green chickpeas

7 chunks frozen pineapple (or three rings of fresh)

2 full sprigs of fresh mint (small palm full)


INSTRUCTIONS: Toss greens, applesauce, and water into blender and blend until smooth. Next, add chickpeas, pineapple, and mint. Blend until smooth, adding a splash extra of water if needed. Serve in a tall glass or take your smoothie “to go” in a Mason jar. Dairy-free and vegan-friendly. Makes one large portion.


Kitchen Notes
  • The fresh mint really adds a nice kick to this veg and fruit smoothie.
  • Green chickpeas taste nothing like their brown counterparts, so if you’re not normally a fan, these may change your mind!
  • Smoothies are the ultimate in “I’m not quite awake” cooking! Prep and portion everything beforehand for added ease.
  • It’s worth investing in a powerful blender. We have a Breville, but anything like a Vitamix or Blendtech would definitely do the trick!
  • Source: TDW Kitchen Original


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