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Keep Going

This morning has to be a quick one: I still have a few things to do before I leave for work. A few things like make my bed (which I rarely used to do), sort my breakfast dishes, set the dishwasher, and get a little hand washing done (as in: all that cannot happily survive a washing machine). These tasks are part of my new (almost a month old) morning routine.

Doing these things each day makes me feel better. Individually, they are not difficult or lengthy items. But (and here’s the important part), if I didn’t consistently do them, along with everything I do each evening before bed, I’d have a disaster on my hands. Again.

Letting small jobs pile up over time turns them into BIG messes.


While I am VERY motivated to not live in a mess (because really, who wants that), it’s the so-called “small stuff” I do on a daily basis (a.k.a. my habits) that keep everything on track.

See? Added together, little things really do count!




Be the fish.


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