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Monday Motivation Quotes

Start Today

“Today” is always the best day to start anything: a new habit, a new routine, a new ritual. Challenge yourself to let go of old regrets — and give yourself permission to wipe the slate clean.

Pick one small thing that, when done consistently, will make a positive contribution to the life you want. Do that one small thing today.

And then, do it again tomorrow.

Success with the little things today helps us build our “commitment muscles” towards future, higher-yield habits.


One of my recent small things has been to tidy the kitchen before I go to bed. It’s not particularly difficult, nor does it require a special skill-set — but it does require a daily commitment.

Each night, I load and/or unload the dishwasher, hand wash the items that need a little more TLC, wipe-down the stove and countertops, re-fill Julie’s automatic food feeder, and top up her water dish. Even after two weeks of waking up to a fresh kitchen, I am still floored by the peace of mind this small change has brought to my mornings!




Be the fish.


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