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I’ve been a magazine junkie ever since I landed my first decent-paying job as a teenager and could FINALLY afford to buy stacks of them each month on my own dime. Even though I’ve slowed down my consumption in recent years (and my interests have strayed from high fashion to home décor and organization), I still look forward to a good magazine reading binge. And, seeing as I’m not the kind of gal who really re-reads anything, it’s remained an expensive one-time-use indulgence. Bottom line? I was spending upwards of 30.00 to 40.00 CAD a month on something I always ended up giving away.

Then I heard about! Unlimited magazines of every kind, from fashion to cars, from travel to organization, from cooking to home improvement, from politics to entertainment — for a “beyond reasonable” monthly subscription fee?


Sign me up!

Here’s what you get:

  • Access to back issues (About 2 or 3 years worth of back issues. I know, right?)
  • Free 30 day trial (See if you like it before committing — just make sure to cancel before payments kick in.)
  • No hassle cancellation policy (I tried it out, just to see — and then promptly joined back up.)
  • Apps are available for all popular devices (I use my subscription on both my tablet and android smartphone.)
  • Access 5 devices per unique account (Which means you could split the cost with a friend or family member and share the same account!)
  • Great customer service and FAQ section (Very user friendly!)
  • Powerful search feature (Search away for recipes with specific ingredients or the latest fashion trend — it will pull related articles for you.)
  • Tag your favourite magazines to create your own library (That way you don’t have to scroll through titles you’d never read.)
  • Download as many issues as your device will hold and read them anywhere, offline! (So convenient — and no more touching germy waiting room copies of three-year old National Geographics!)
  • Sign up right now for 20% off the first three months with the code BONUS20 — on top of the 30 day free trial (Can’t beat that!)


The 411

First Impression: All of these titles? Seriously? *faints*

In Three Words: Customizable, Portable, Convenient.

Cost: 9.99 CAD per month for their Basic Subscription (no weekly publications) ; 14.99 CAD for the Premium Subscription (includes weekly publications)

Best Feature: You can create your own library and tag your favourite reads.

Excited About: Being able to do all the binge-reading with none of the guilt.

Something Unexpected: You can save articles to your account to read again later — great for stuff like new recipes you want to try!

Value for Money: Because it features such a wide variety of titles which can be downloaded to your device and read offline, the monthly savings is immense. Most magazines run between 4.99 and 7.99 CAD — so, for the price of 2-3 paper issues a month, you have access to literally hundreds of digital issues.



Not a sponsored post. Just something I really use and definitely love!

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  1. I have been with Texture since it was called Next. I absolutely love this app. I love the first of the month when all my favourites start to show up. Shriek!

    1. Totally! I also love the fact that I can have the full magazine experience for a fraction of the price and not bring more “stuff” into our home!

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