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Monday Motivation Quotes

The Up Side of Failure

I like quotes. I always have. At worst, they’re mildly motivational (even the pithy ones) and at best, they can really inspire you to look at the world in a different way.

This week’s quote reminds me to keep trying new things, even when many (or even most) end up being complete flops. For instance, I introduced an initiative at work last year (which our team was super stoked about) that fell on its face after three short months. Not a great feeling. But instead of letting that failure suck my energy and define my future efforts, I took the nay-sayers’ feedback on the chin (like a big girl) and just this month, filtered it into a new project. It’s already starting to gain momentum, which is really saying something. (Not everyone on our staff is super enthusiastic about change — of any kind.)

Then, there’s this site. I didn’t know much about running a website or blogging when I began. All I wanted to do was write. I hadn’t given much thought to “branding” or continuity, and it showed. Or the importance of keeping to a schedule — and my initial readership numbers took a massive nose-dive because of it. Let’s be honest: I was all over the place. The site lacked a clear focus or sense of direction. And while the re-launch last fall was helpful in terms of the overall look and feel, I’m still finding my groove when it comes to posting content on a regular basis. It’s something I’m actively working on. Promise!

All I know is that, at the end of the day, you’ve got to be 100% okay with taking risks and a 110% okay with any resulting failures. Making mistakes means you’re still learning, growing, and improving. And that, my friends, is the up side of everything!




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  1. How can one learn if we don’t fail? I encourage my boys to fail and learn from it. How can you tweak what you are trying to achieve? I refuse to jump in and solve it for them!

    1. Too true! We can’t develop the kind of skill-sets needed for independence as adults if we’re not given the opportunity to fail, dig ourselves out of our own messes, and generally problem solve. It’s how you learn to think on your feet and trust your gut.

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