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Made a Huge List

I’m an ideas kind of gal. Unfortunately, this means I often spend more time thinking, dreaming, and scheming than I do actually manifesting any of it into being. As a result, my life is full of many stops and starts. I have spurts of energy. I get flashes of inspiration. And I feel very motivated… some days. On others? Not so much. Sometimes getting dinner on the table (hot and on time!) can feel like an insurmountable task. That said, once I prioritize something, it gets done — and done well.

Next month, this site will celebrate its second birthday. (I know, right?!)

It has been restructured, reformatted, and tinkered with more times than I care to remember. And while it’s provided me with an immense learning curve on a few fronts (understatement of the century), I feel like this site and I have finally settled into our own. In fact, I’m happy to report there’s now an “official” long-term plan in place.

Over the past several months, I have been carefully collecting and collating scraps of paper, old lists, and bits torn out of notebooks: basically, all of the content ideas I’ve generated during the past three years. Pardon minor site interruptions while I get us set up for this next (exciting!) phase. There is quite seriously enough here to keep me busy well into the next year — and beyond!

Oh, and before I go…

Homemaking newbies? Your time has come. Keep an eye out for the new 101 series!


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