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Living with less, at its best, provides a lasting framework through which to continually re-examine your lifestyle, possessions, relationships, and choices. And, while some have tried to reduce this concept to a social media topic du jour, it should never be about competitiveness, judgement, trendiness, or restrictiveness.

Instead, it is about intentional living.

It’s about finding value in all that you do, own, embrace, and consume. It’s about creating more time and space for the important things. It’s also about acceptance, as this process will manifest differently from person to person.

There are many ways of incorporating “less” into your life, however, chief amongst them is a growing world-wide phenomenon called Minimalism.

Some say Minimalism began as a social experiment, while others feel it is simply a natural response to growing financial insecurities across the globe. Whatever the reason, it’s here to stay. From the Tiny House Movement to the thousands of blogs and vlogs devoted to simple living, Minimalism has  found its permanent home in the current zeitgeist.

Whether you’re ready to jump in the deep end or are simply curious to see what it’s all about, there are (thankfully!) a ton of great resources out there.

As for me?

I discovered Minimalism almost three years ago through these two guys:



Want to know more? Visit their profile here.



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