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Tidying Drafts Folder

Like the title says, I’ve been busy tonight tidying up my drafts folder. The Say Goodbye to Coffee post has been sitting in there for a really long time, as has the “waiting to be re-published” version of the Does This Contain Caffeine? article I wrote back in 2015. (If memory serves, it was my first “serious” offering — but was pulled down during the Great Renovation of 2016 and subsequently lost in the shuffle.) I also found a cocktail recipe I was supposed to have posted back in December, you know, just in time for the holidays. And, well, that kinda’ didn’t happen either.

The past four hours have actually been pretty productive. I’ve deleted a few things, dusted-off a few others, and added a bunch of new images to a whole whack of old posts. Slow, slowly, it’s coming together.

Hoping to get to the menu restructures this weekend — and write a quick blog post about why there were no posts last weekend. (Basically, I was up north with my family. That said, I “stole” a photo from my brother’s phone which will more than make up for the whole thing — promise!)

And finally, a big thank you to a great friend for reminding me we lost a day this week (due to Easter Monday) — and that if I didn’t get this done tonight, tomorrow would be the weekend!

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