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Went Home for a Visit

As promised: the photo I stole from my brother. He shot this last summer while out exploring dirt highways on his motorcycle. Clearly, he’s living the life!

Tah-dah! In one title, the sum total of why there were no posts last weekend: I was up north!

Because my family (and home town for that matter) are so far north, it doesn’t make for great driving conditions throughout the winter season. There are several “extra” worries beyond just icy road conditions. White-outs along the Barrie corridor and winter storms on the northern end are always a reality (not fun) — both of which could prevent me from reporting to work on time (beyond problematic). There’s also the issue of where to park, thanks to massive snow banks and the general havoc caused by municipal street and sidewalk plows dumping heavy, wet snow back into my parents’ driveway several times daily. And finally, there’s the small-but-important fact that I bought my car from a dealership in the south. This means it did not come equipped with a block heater. That’s considered an “extra” down here. (Context for readers who don’t come from the land of crazy winters: it gets so cold in northern climates that vehicles up there are commonly sold with block heaters — which you plug into an electrical source to keep the engine warm enough to actually start on-demand throughout the worst months of the year.)

Anyway, for all those reasons and more, my last trip home each year is in October for our big (Canadian) Thanksgiving meal, and then I don’t return again until April — when we celebrate “Eastermas.” (It’s our very own family holiday as created by my brother: essentially a mash-up of Christmas and Easter. Feel free to celebrate it with us each year, on the Saturday between Good Friday and Easter Sunday!) We cook a big turkey or ham, partake of my brother’s latest vintages and brews (he likes to make his own), lavish attention on Julie (who loves exploring my parents’ house), open presents, and generally hang out as a family.

True, I could have pre-written and scheduled posts to go up while I was away, but where’s the fun in that?! Sometimes it’s nice to just get in the car and go. (It feels all “teenagery” and irresponsible and stuff.) Add in some yummy snacks and an awesome playlist? Thoughts of blogging, along with the big city and all of its chaos, gradually melt away. 

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  1. Is the first picture a Trout Lake? What a beautiful picture D took. It’s stunning!
    Our cars don’t usually come without block heaters. And we’re lucky if our cars start with them plugged in sometimes. We actually had to buy a battery jump starter. It paid for itself in a couple of boosts this year.

    1. Not Trout Lake, but it totally could be though! This one is actually much further away… he found the lake for me on a map, but I can’t remember the name. I’ll have to ask him again. 100% reminds me of life at my grandparents’ cottage each summer — complete with lily pads and everything!

      Nothing like living in the freezing cold, eh? We’re lucky here as we had the option to rent indoor parking spaces, so there’s no shovelling or scraping, even on the worst of mornings. And if it’s really, really bad out (which only happens once or twice a winter), I leave the car at home and hike in to work. I hate the thought of my car being stuck at the base of some driveway (due to its really low profile — it’s nearly happened a few times) or getting dinged by a careless snow plow driver. (Whoever does our driveway at work is the worst. Seriously, the worst.)

      Battery jump starter sounds like a good solution to me! MUCH quicker than waiting for a taxi or roadside service to show up — especially on a stormy morning.

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