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What is Meaningful to You

Simple advice, true. But it is all too easy to lose track of those small, meaningful things that make our inner lives rich. Things we may not necessarily share with others or even think to mention in regular conversation. And because we tend to keep them to ourselves, they can quickly slide down our list of priorities.

Challenge yourself this week to really consider what your meaningful things are. Have you done them recently? Have you even thought about them recently? And I’m not talking about the big, obvious things like spending time with loved ones, volunteering in the community, or donating to charity. I’m talking about your tiny, “just for you” meaningful things. Things like making a new playlist to listen to while you’re commuting to work, wearing your favourite stripey socks, or watching cartoons on a Saturday morning “just because.”

Doing what is meaningful to you is restorative. Doing what is meaningful to you makes the difficult things easier to face. Doing what is meaningful to you brings joy to the everyday.

The best part about your meaningful things? You don’t have to tell a soul. They are just for you.



Be the fish.



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