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Goodbye 2017

It has been too long. So long, in fact, that I have accidentally locked myself out of my own website for the next two hours. I couldn’t (for the life of me) remember any of the administrative passwords, and had to tear my office apart looking for the secret book in which I wrote them down. (Why is it that putting things in a “safe place” always leads to a treasure hunt?)

Anyway, my last post was in early June. Shortly thereafter, both Sam and I lost a dear friend each, within less than two months of each other. And, as other loved ones developed new health concerns (some minor, some serious, and some life-threatening), we both decided to pare down our lives in order to be there for those who needed us. We also required some time and space to grieve, each in our own way.

For me, this site, as much as I love it, was the first and most obvious thing I could let go. Simply put: sometimes life asks you to “show up” in a different way than you were planning.

I did a lot of serious reflecting over the summer months which followed. I thought about what was important to me, important to Sam, our collective goals, and our individual wish lists. By October, I was resolute: we were going to buy our own home. Not just any home, but our forever home; the place we would fix-up together for retirement. And… we were going to finally move away from this city to somewhere where folks are friendlier and people actually want to know their neighbours. I was even willing to commit to a daily highway commute of up to two hours (round-trip).

Fast-forward to today. We are ten sleeps away from closing on a modest bungalow, located in a pre-war, blue-collar, industrial neighbourhood, three cities away. We couldn’t be more excited!

When we visit our new city, strangers say hello and strike up spontaneous conversations. We met our next door neighbours before we even made an offer on the house. People smile at each other and hold doors on the regular. Provided I start the journey early enough, my total commute will be 90 minutes on a good day. It already feels like a place I recognize, and in less than two weeks, it will be our home.

More details to come about the house, our moving process, and the future of this site. I’ve definitely strayed off-course and gone all tangential this year (in a not-so-good way), which has negatively affected both content and functionality. 2018 will be all about getting back on track and focusing on the six areas which are the foundation of TDW:

[eat] [simplify] [clean] [organize] [diy] [blog]

Thanks for your continued patience and big hugs to those of you who have stuck with me. It’s been a bit of an unusual year. Hope this post finds you and yours happy, healthy, and ready to tackle the holiday season!

Goodbye 2017. You have been weird, wonderful, and bittersweet.

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    1. Hello Mario!
      We LOVES us some pizza too! But finding a quality gluten-free crust is no easy task. As far as frozen from the grocery store though? Udi’s has been the best one yet. That said, a friend of the blog (Hey Rach!) recently sent me a message that her Costco (in Canada) carries a gluten-free, frozen, four-cheese pizza by a company called Sabatasso’s. EXCITED! I have yet to try it, but keeping my fingers and toes crossed that our Costco carries it as well!

    1. Awww… thank you lovely! We’re now in our 8th month of home ownership and it has certainly been an “interesting” ride. Lol! More to come about that soon! 😉

  1. I, for one, can’t wait for 2017 to leave and hopefully 2018 will be better for us. I look forward to seeing what you do with your new place. Congrats to you and Sam on your new adventure,

    1. Hey Rach! Well, you’ve seen it in its “we’re still unpacking” stage, so it can only get better from there! Lol! Thanks for coming out all this way for a visit! 🙂

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