About TDW

I like to call this one “The Joy of a Freshly Made Bed.”

Honestly? I’m a bunch of different things all mixed together that probably shouldn’t fit, but somehow do. And rather than coming up with new and supposedly clever stuff to say (because let’s face it, writing about yourself is super awkward), here are the basics:

I’m a non-practising art historian and visual artist with a freakish penchant for organization. I’m also bizarrely passionate about Mason jars, obsessed with IKEA, and surprisingly conservative despite my colourful (read: heavily tattooed) appearance. My initial foray into Clean Eating (just about three years ago now) resulted in a pretty drastic lifestyle change and a (somewhat) happily-retired sweet tooth.

But, that’s not all…

I’m also a homemaker, a nutrition school dropout, and full-time educator. I ride a folding bike, make my own pickles, and put labels on everything. I’ve moved 20 times in my adult life, flat-out refuse to eat radishes, and co-parent a silly calico named Julie with my husband Sam. I still watch cartoons, use bunny ears to tie my laces, and (not surprisingly) don’t know a thing about sports. I miss my old clothesline, like cold, rainy days best, and really, really wish squirrels came with subtitles.