About This Site

Essentially, this site for aspiring homemakers and kooky “enthusiasts” like me who find this kind of stuff fascinating. (I really do!) It’s equally for the disorganized and cluttered (who don’t want to be), the newly homed (who don’t know where to start), and everyone in-between. It’s for the well-intentioned, the start-and-stoppers, the stuff-it-all-under-the-bedders, and the generally overwhelmed. It’s also for the meal-planning newbies, the I’ll-get-around-to-it-one-dayers, and the DIYers in each of us.

We all have a clear vision of what we want our homes to look like and how we want our lives to be — but we don’t always know how to make either of those things happen. And even when we do (if only for one brief shining moment), maintaining those Pinterest-worthy standards can feel virtually impossible.

We can’t create more time, so we have to work harder at becoming the most efficient versions of ourselves.


Homemaking in a modern world demands that we become better strategists. We need to layer activities and multi-task like never before. We need to tune out the distractions, focus, and really prioritize our time. We need to simplify, we need to schedule, and we need to streamline — but above all else, we need to be realistic. No one can do it all, all day, every day. Instead, we should aim to do what we can, to the best of our ability, and embrace “good enough” as the new perfect!