Hemp Milk

If you are like us and don’t do dairy, there are a lot of great-tasting milk alternatives out there these days. That said, what do you do when you accidentally run out of your usual drink and need something in a pinch? Hemp milk to the rescue! Milk made from hemp hearts requires absolutely no […]

Double Beef Stew

Uses basic, on-hand ingredients to make the best beef stew we have EVER tasted! Double Beef Stew INGREDIENTS: 1.5 lbs (give or take) stewing beef 1.5 lb (give or take) extra lean ground beef 2 tbsp olive oil (coconut oil would work too) 4 carrots, peeled and cut into 1 inch pieces 2 large yellow […]

Goodbye 2017

It has been too long. So long, in fact, that I have accidentally locked myself out of my own website for the next two hours. I couldn’t (for the life of me) remember any of the administrative passwords, and had to tear my office apart looking for the secret book in which I wrote them […]

Basic Pasta Sauce — 101

This is a very basic (what I like to call “gateway”) recipe. Once you’ve mastered this sauce, you can use it in many Mediterranean-style dishes, from Spaghetti Bolognese to vegetarian lasagna — and all stops in between. It’s a great recipe for beginners to have in their kitchen arsenal, as it’s pretty straight-forward, the ingredient list is totally flexible, […]

Avocado Egg Cups

Hey, all you avocado lovers out there! Want to raise your brunch game? Try these! They’re oh-so-simple, take minutes to make, look fancy enough to serve in a café, and taste delicious!  INGREDIENTS: 1 large avocado, halved lengthwise 2 free-run eggs, medium or large 2-4 tbsp. of finely crumbled feta cheese freshly ground salt and pepper, to taste […]


Living with less, at its best, provides a lasting framework through which to continually re-examine your lifestyle, possessions, relationships, and choices. And, while some have tried to reduce this concept to a social media topic du jour, it should never be about competitiveness, judgement, trendiness, or restrictiveness. Instead, it is about intentional living. It’s about […]

Interruptions This Weekend

Apologies in advance… sort of? There may be intermittent interruptions at some point this weekend — while I update the menu bar and tinker with stuff in general. Everything will still be viewable (as in: I’m not removing content), but you may get a temporary error message. If that happens, just try again a few minutes […]

Went Home for a Visit

Tah-dah! In one title, the sum total of why there were no posts last weekend: I was up north! Because my family (and home town for that matter) are so far north, it doesn’t make for great driving conditions throughout the winter season. There are several “extra” worries beyond just icy road conditions. White-outs along the […]

Tidying Drafts Folder

Like the title says, I’ve been busy tonight tidying up my drafts folder. The Say Goodbye to Coffee post has been sitting in there for a really long time, as has the “waiting to be re-published” version of the Does This Contain Caffeine? article I wrote back in 2015. (If memory serves, it was my […]

Tip #7: Say Goodbye to Coffee

This is a touchy subject — and I totally get that. People (worldwide!) are really attached to their morning cup of joe. But, as with any of the Health Hacks, I won’t post something unless: It’s something I personally practice and/or have struggled with I’ve experienced significant, tangible, verifiable success with it I’ve done the research […]