Tip #7: Say Goodbye to Coffee

This is a touchy subject — and I totally get that. People (worldwide!) are really attached to their morning cup of joe. But, as with any of the Health Hacks, I won’t post something unless: It’s something I personally practice and/or have struggled with I’ve experienced significant, tangible, verifiable success with it I’ve done the research […]

Tip #6: Know Your Fats

In the quest for increased shelf-life and cheap, spreadable products (such as margarine), modern food science has really tinkered with the substance and quality of fats used in our current food supply. Much of what is consumed in terms of processed foods every day has been rendered unhealthy at best, and at worst, unsafe — even to the point […]

Tip #5: Don’t Let Takeout Take Over

I often get asked if Sam and I ever eat out anymore or… *gasp* order in!?! We do…! In fact, we just did that very thing this weekend. Granted, it is more difficult to find healthy items, and they definitely won’t be organic, sugar-free, and completely unprocessed, but loosening the reins every-once-in-a-while is totally okay. Last night, I had the following […]

Tip #4: Build a Daily Water Habit

Before we even get started, go to the kitchen (right now — I’m totally serious!) and get yourself a big ol’ glass of water. It’s okay, I’ll absolutely wait until you come back. Got it? Great! Now take a few sips. YAY! You just did something super-amazing and super-important for your body! Virtual high-fives for everyone! Okay, let’s continue…! […]

Tip #3: Start Investing in Organics

Before we get into this, let me just state for the record that I learned the following through an accredited, well-regarded, professional institute — and am not just spouting pseudo-facts I dug up somewhere on the interwebs. That said, I am not going to confuse you with technical terms or overwhelm you with information that probably won’t hold much meaning […]

Tip #2: Do Your Supplementation with Food

This is definitely one of those “Duh, I should have known that!” items. And, if I’d actually taken the time to think about it for three seconds, the logical  part of my brain might have very well come up with this one all on its own. However, it didn’t. And, when my instructor happened to mention it last week in class? Facepalm. […]

Tip #1: When You Eat, Don’t Drink

This was one of the very first things my naturopath taught me. And, I thought he was nuts… at first. I mean, it sounds really woo-woo, doesn’t it? We’ve all been raised to have at least a glass of water or milk with our meals, and likely told by our parents that it helps get the food […]