Went Home for a Visit

Tah-dah! In one title, the sum total of why there were no posts last weekend: I was up north! Because my family (and home town for that matter) are so far north, it doesn’t make for great driving conditions throughout the winter season. There are several “extra” worries beyond just icy road conditions. White-outs along the […]

Made a Huge List

I’m an ideas kind of gal. Unfortunately, this means I often spend more time thinking, dreaming, and scheming than I do actually manifesting any of it into being. As a result, my life is full of many stops and starts. I have spurts of energy. I get flashes of inspiration. And I feel very motivated… some days. On others? Not […]

Took a Big Two-Month Break

Because, well, sometimes you just have to. It all started with a wonderful mini-holiday to Niagara Falls at Christmas, and then turned into two months of nothingness and low productivity. I got sick shortly after we returned, then my husband was sick, things at work got crazy-busy, and then I got sick again with a two-week […]

Went to the Aga Khan Museum

And I have to say, it was one of the cleanest arts facilities I have ever been to in my life! The structural lines were clean, the exhibition curation was clean, and even the bathrooms were sparkling clean! What’s that? Why was I there? Sorry… right! Sam and I bought last minute tickets (nothing like the […]