25 Days to a Healthier Holiday

The holiday season is almost upon us! Follow these tips and tricks over the month of December and experience your healthiest New Year yet! Feel free to re-visit your favourite ones throughout the year — especially during times of “temptation and celebration,” such as birthdays, weddings, BBQs, reunions, and those all-important vacations!



Holiday Health Series

Nov 30: Series Introduction
Dec 01: Winter Munchies
Dec 02: Host the Event
Dec 03: Substitutions
Dec 04: Hire Professionals
Dec 05: Schedule Breakfast
Dec 06: Ditch the Microwave, Part One
Dec 07: Seek Advice
Dec 08: Ditch the Microwave, Part Two
Dec 09: Break the Cycle
Dec 10: Make Ahead
Dec 11: Plan and Prioritize
Dec 12: Get Inspired
Dec 13: Resist Temptation
Dec 14: The Power of No, Part One
Dec 15: The Power of No, Part Two
Dec 16: Good Ambassadorship
Dec 17: DIY Gifts
Dec 18: Keep Costs Down
Dec 19: Watch Documentaries
Dec 20: Improve Digestion
Dec 21: Redefine Traditions
Dec 22: Recognize Emotions for What They Are
Dec 23: Get Out and About
Dec 24: Press Pause
Dec 25: Rest & Reflect