The Dichotomous Wife

homemaking in a modern world

Carrot Refresher

Sam wanted to name this one Cadmium Orange — after colour-matching the glass of juice I handed him to a tube of paint. While orange in colour, this blend doesn’t contain any actual orange juice, and well, cadmium is basically toxic, so we scrapped that idea and went with Carrot Refresher instead. It’s an original recipe though, juiced into “being” in our […]

Green Juice for Health

A daily juicing routine takes a bit of a commitment — I won’t lie. And if I’m being truly honest here? There are occasional days where I am too busy or too lazy and don’t feel like being bothered with it. That said, I always, inevitably, return to the juice. Green juice quickly becomes something your body craves and, in my experience, legitimately […]

TDW Favourites: Cold Brew Tea

This TDW Favourite is all about the Hario Filter-in Bottle Cold Brew Tea Bottle! I recently picked ours up from Crate and Barrel, and it has been a complete life-saver throughout the humidity that was this past week. It comes in four pieces: a removable filter cone, a removable silicone spout, a silicone stopper, and a glass bottle. There are three […]

Amazing Oat Bread

When my naturopathic doctor suggested that I cut all gluten from my diet, I was expecting that part. But when he advised that I take it one step further and leave most grains behind except for oats, rice, and quinoa? All I could think about was bread. How do you give up bread? A major dietary staple of every culture since the dawn […]

Does This Contain Caffeine?

One of the first things I did when I committed to a Clean Eating lifestyle, was vow to cut out as much caffeine as possible. As with most major dietary changes, this involves an incredible, on-going amount of label reading – something I’ve become pretty adept at, or so I thought. Believe you me, it only […]

TDW Favourites: Spotify

You’ve all seen their logo. Perhaps you’ve even sampled their freemium product. If you’re looking for a comprehensive music service, now is truly the time to give Spotify a try. Currently, there is a “Get 3 months of Premium for 0.99 CAD” promotion happening for new Canadians subscribers who have never tried their pay-for-use service. Spotify’s customer support is top-notch and […]

Yay for Pudding

A random “internet find” has recently led to three happy events: I finally know what to do with the Mason jar of chia seeds occupying our pantry cupboard. Since sharing this with her, a busy mom of two (a spunky little breakfast-skipping co-worker) has changed her ways. Dessert is back in our lives for the first […]