Tip #7: Say Goodbye to Coffee

This is a touchy subject — and I totally get that. People (worldwide!) are really attached to their morning cup of joe. But, as with any of the Health Hacks, I won’t post something unless: It’s something I personally practice and/or have struggled with I’ve experienced significant, tangible, verifiable success with it I’ve done the research […]

Healthy Holiday Series Re-Posted!

Happy December! It’s back! Welcome once again to my 25 Days to a Healthier Holiday blog series — all sparkly, cinnamon-scented, and freshly re-edited! Follow it day by day or binge-read (yes, that’s a thing) all 25 days in one go!

Tip #2: Do Your Supplementation with Food

This is definitely one of those “Duh, I should have known that!” items. And, if I’d actually taken the time to think about it for three seconds, the logical  part of my brain might have very well come up with this one all on its own. However, it didn’t. And, when my instructor happened to mention it last week in class? Facepalm. […]

Day 12 of 25: Get Inspired

Figuring out what to make for dinner is difficult at the best of times, but when you’ve chosen to eat healthy, it’s just that much more challenging. Add to that dietary restrictions (allergy-based or voluntary) plus a busy holiday schedule — and you’ve got yourself a daily dilemma. Rather than spending time gazing into the refrigerator hoping […]

Day 10 of 25: Make Ahead

Today’s holiday tip is one that I actually rely on quite a bit all year round. We inevitably run into nights (especially at the end of a busy week) where I have zero time or energy left to cook something from scratch. On such nights, I happily dive into my stash of frozen homemade meals, […]

Day 1 of 25: Winter Munchies

During the colder months we all seem to develop this insatiable drive to eat more, a.k.a. the Winter Munchies. According to Rallie McAllister, M.D., “Studies indicate that we do tend to eat more during the winter months, with the average person gaining at least 1 to 2 pounds — and those who are already overweight likely to gain a lot […]

TDW Favourites: Mason Jars

Last weekend, I attended what the person who invited me referred to as a “well curated” flea market. Amongst the treasures I brought home were a (new) handmade leather satchel for Sam’s birthday, a pretty vintage teacup, and 3 (new) leather bracelets from the designer/owner of Hazel Black. On the way out of the venue, […]

TDW Favourites: GOOD Soap

And it truly is! Quality soap, I mean. About a month ago, I was bopping around Whole Foods and ran across a massive, 360 degree, multi-tiered display of soap bars. There were many different scents to delight the nose, but I absolutely fell into the best kind of olfactory trance when I breathed-in Alaffia’s GOOD Soap in lavender. In fact, […]